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Why Rugged Geek?

Wholesaling with Rugged Geek is both effective and easy.

High Market Demand

There were an estimated 263.6 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States in 2015 with 17.5 million more sold in 2017 alone.

Low Initial Order Requirement

No need to spend thousands of dollars to become a dealer. Start at a level that you're comfortable with and we'll let your customers demand drive your orders.

Great Customer Support

With a one year limited warranty and active customer engagement, we do our part to make sure your customers recieve the best support possible.

We're Here Long Term

We're committed to expanding our product offering, targeting new markets and keeping our products fresh and current.

Quick Turn Around Time

We warehouse in multiple locations across the US and can fulfill most orders with 2 business days.

Industry Leading Margins

We offer highly competitive retail margins. Your success is our success.

What we sell...

Safe, High Quality, INTELLIBOOST Portable Emergency Jump Starters

Rugged geek was founded in North America with the goal of creating products that combine technology with practicality. Products that bring tech to the average person. Tech that provides safety and enjoyment but is simple and safe to use. Our flagship products are the INTELLIBOOST line of portable emergency jump starters. Our INTELLIBOOST products have been very well received and reviewed with distribution arrangements in place or in discussion in many countries already. We are constantly improving and for 2018 are pleased to be launching a complete line of INTELLIBOOST products to fit more customers lifestyles. We are confident that our commitment to product quality and innovation combined with industry leading support and margins will help your business grow the way we are growing.

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Our Products

RG1000 RG1000 Safety RG1000 Safety Plus RG2000 Sport
Peak Current Rating 1000 Amps 1000 Amps 1000 Amps 2000 Amps
Jump Starts Engines
Display LED Display LED Display LED Display LED Display
INTELLIBOOST Cables Gen2 Mid Size Gen2 Mid Size Gen2 Mid Size Gen2 Mid Size w/ Direct Wire Compatability
Clamps Metal Tip Clamps All Metal Clamps All Metal Clamps All Metal Clamps
Input 2 USB-A

Laptop 12/16/19V

Laptop 12/16/19V

Laptop 12/16/19V

1 USB-C P030

12V 10A
Type of Charging Micro USB 15W Standard 15W Standard USB Type-C (60W)
Case Smartphone Style Box w/ Carrying Pouch Compact EVA Case EVA Case EVA Case
Flashlight 100 Lumens 100 Lumens 100 Lumens 120 Lumens
Included Accessories Micro USB Charging Cable

Soft Carrying Pouch

Full Color User Manual
12V Car Charger

UL Listed Wall Charger

EVA Carrying Case

Full Color User Manual
12V Car ChargerLarge

UL Listed Wall Charger

Laptop Tips & Cable

EVA Carrying Case

RG150 Air Compressor
Type-C Charging Cable

Ciggarette Lighter Adaptor

Hand Strap
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Full Line of Retail Packaged Accessories and Replacement Parts

Custom Branding

We can add your corporate logo to some of our products and even offer custom molds if the quantity makes sense. Perfect for a unique gift for your clients and employees or for your resale market.

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